Spiro® Twin Seam Rectangular Machines Twin Seam Rectangular Machines

Dear Customer,

You have been redirected from the Twin Seam website to Spiro®’s corporate website. Spiro International SA welcomes you and proudly informs you that we have integrated the highly prestigious Twin Seam product line into our portfolio!

Twin Seam Company A/S was established in the early 1970’s and quickly gained the reputation as a distinctive manufacturer of high quality machines for rectangular ductwork. Many of today’s commonly used rectangular duct machine technologies originate from Twin Seam engineering work, which have vitally contributed to their recognition as a true pioneer in this field. A new and exciting chapter of this engineering and pioneer spirit will now be opened as an integral part of Spiro®.

With Spiro® and Twin Seam two titans and innovators of the sheet metal industry have united to provide the industry with the entire range of machines and solutions used to produce economical and environmentally-friendly air duct systems. The Twin Seam machines are now developed, produced, and distributed by Spiro®. Moreover, Spiro International SA also provides technical support for current Twin Seam machine owners. Thus, you are now able to combine the full Twin Seam rectangular machine innovation power with Spiro®’s unique sheet metal machine expertise, founded on Spiro®’s invention of the Tubeformer and an accumulated HVAC and sheet metal industry reputation over the last six decades.

Our Twin Seam portfolio includes the famous standard Compact Line or the advanced Shopmaster model, as well as providing the expertise for special rectangular line projects. We encourage you to navigate through our website and remain at your assistance if you have any questions.

Yours Sincerely
The Spiro Team