History of Spiro International SA - It all started in 1952 in a moment of true inspiration

It all started in 1952, when Erling Jensen and Leif Andresen - in a moment of true inspiration - suddenly saw the possibility of round ventilation systems; easier production, easier installation, easier sealing and easier maintenance.

After the first euphoric moments, they found themselves back at square one - with a big problem. How do you design and produce a machine that turns sheet metal into round tubing effectively.

Four years later their invention - the SPIRO® TUBEFORMER - was a reality. So was the Spiro® company itself. The SPIRO® TUBEFORMER revolutionized the production of ventilation tubing, leaving the square competition back at square one.

Since 1956 Spiro® has developed and produced a number of important and patented sheet metal processing machines, each devoted to a specific phase in the production process of different ducts, fittings and tubes.

The Spiro® family of machines today comprises a number of key machines. You will find these presented on the following web pages. Although they can be put together into a complete production line, each machine can be used on a stand-alone basis, depending upon the specific user needs.

Whichever way you decide to configure the machinery, you will get all the precision, quality and support that comes with Spiro® equipment.

Testimonials & Success Stories

Darren Robinson

Impact Ducting Sales testimonial of their trade-in experience with Spiro®

"We had a second hand machine for many years and it was becoming very unreliable. Not just because of its condition but also because of our lack of knowledge about the machine. It was starting to cost us a lot in time and scrap material. We decided to attend the Spiro® Open House Event to look at the potential of replacing the old machine and improving our own knowledge. We were very impressed by the machinery, the expertise and the professionalism shown to us on our trip. We have now had the machine installed and completed the training, which was excellent. We are very pleased and looking forward to many years in partnership with Spiro®."

- Darren Robinson, Managing Director

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Frische Luft aus  Bösingen

Frische Luft aus Bösingen

Schneiden und Formen fur globale Kunden

Die Entwicklung und Herstellung von Maschinen fur die Blech- und Metallverarbeitung sind die Kernkompetenzen der Spiro Internatio­ nal SA in Bosingen, FR. Was einst mit einem Unternehmen fur die Herstellung von Wickelfalzrohren begann, ist mittlerweile ein welt­ weiter Anbieter von Maschinen fur die Produktion einer Vielzahl von Komponenten zum Bau von runden und rechteckigen Luf tungs­ anlagen geworden

Seit Jahren ist di e Burki Electric AG als Zuliefer er von Steuerungen fur die Maschinen der Spiro International SA tatig . Die Palette umfasst verschiedene Apparate zur Herstellung von Wickelfalzrohren sowie Bogen- und Anschluss­ stOcken.

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The 35 year old Spiro Tubeformer served them well...

Our customer E. Klink A/S has decided to trade-in their old Spiro Tubeformer against a new model and has been highly satisfied with the new Tubeformer. Among others, they profit vastly from the reduced set up time and increased production speed through the automatic length measurement system. E. Klink A/S can now produce faster and with greater flexibility.

Moreover, their expectations have been fully met in the whole acquisition cycle from sales recommendations to installation, as well as from Spiro's after sales support.

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Spiro has been supplying Hallströms for more than 50 years!

Hallströms, soon to be 100 years!

The family run business of Hallströms located in Nälden, northern Sweden, run by the 3rd and 4th generation and founded 1914 is soon to be 100 years. As early as 1962 the first Spiro machine was installed at their factory, since then they have continuously upgraded their Spiro machine park. Therefore, there was no hesitation when they got the offer to trade-in two of their older machines to the new 1602 machines. Now the two machines are installed and in full production.

Mr. Hallströms next to a brand new 1602 machine.


Bergschenhoek Groep: 40 years of spiral duct production in the Lowlands

First Spiro® machine completely renovated

TAs part of the celebrations of the 40 years employment of Gerard Rook, Bergschenhoek Groep's Chairman of the Management Board, the very first Spiro® machine operated by Bergschenhoek Luchtcomfort was completely renovated in its original state.

The Tubeformer was bought in 1971 when Bergschenhoek decided to switch from the production of concrete ventilation blocks to spiral ventilation ducts. The machine began it's service in 1972 till 2009 producing over 11 million meters of spiral ducts for the Dutch ventilation and airhandling market. At the time Bergschenhoek bought the first Spiro® machine it was the fourth company in the Netherlands to start producing spiral ducts.

The Spiro® Tubeformer reflecting fourty years of spiral duct production in the Lowlands is now on display at the entrance of the Bergschenhoek Groep's headoffice in Bergschenhoek just north of the city of Rotterdam. The city is well known for it's big harbour and where a large number of buildings are equipped with spiral ducts produced by Bergschenhoek Groep.

Today Bergschenhoek Groep is the largest operator of Spiro® machines in the Benelux with 10 machines in service. Not only producing ducts for Bergschenhoek Luchtcomfort but also for the other subsidaries Spiraliet and the Belgium subsidary R-vent Belgium all part of the ventilationdivision of Bergschenhoek Groep; R-vent Group. This makes R-vent Group a leading company for high quality ventilation- and airhandlingsystems within the Benelux which all started with the introduction of the very first Spiro® machine back in 1972.

Spiro® quality machines to support
construction development around the world

Our customer Tronco-System is using Spiro equipment to create custom-made housing projects around the world.

The video illustrates one of many innovative applications of spiral ducting and we are proud that our machines contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly construction development. http://www.tronco-system.com.

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Letters of Recommendation


Dear Sirs,

Since 1961 we have been using various types of Spiro equipment, and these have proved excellent in every way. We have been pleased with the workmanship of the machines, their performance, and the products.

In addition we have always found the service for spares and maintenance first class and our relationships throughout this period have been friendly and purposeful.

Yours faithfully

For Henry Hargreaves and Sons Limited
Hargreaves sign


Dear Sirs,

In 1958 we purchased a Type 401 Spiro Tubeforming Machine which we use for manufacturing spiral lock seam tubes, used in our air conditioning and ventilation installations.

Since the day of delivery this machine has been in continous operation and it has performed to our entire satisfaction. We are glad to give this machine our very best recommendations to any prospective buyer.

Absvenska sign


Dear Sirs,

The machine has been in operation for about 6 months, and has been operating with galvanized steel as well as aluminium strip. The tube dimensions produced so far have been from 3.1/2" and up to 24" diameters.

he machine delivered to us has proved to be very fool-proof in operation, and has kept all of the guaranteed capasities. The changeover of tools for the various dimensions is done very quickly and requires only from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the dimensions.

It is a great pleasure for us to be able to inform you that we are very satisfied with the machine, and that we have been able to recommend it to others who have seen it in operation.



Dear Sirs,

It is a pleasure for us to inform you that after the very careful study made by our technical department of your tube manufacturing machine we are convinced that your machine is extremely well suited for our use.

We are therefore, recommending to our associated companies and distributors who require this type of tubing that they buy your machine exclusively. We know that you will give to all our associates who purchase machines in the future the same best attention you have given those who have already purchased machines.

We will be glad to recommend your machine to anyone interested.

Carrier sign


Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to inform you about the Spiro Tubeforming Machine which we purchased approx. 2 years ago.

With regards to easy operation and production capasity the machine has by far surpassed our expectations, and the tubing produced is very satisfactory. We are glad to be able to give your machine our very best recommendation.

Asnorsk sign

Trierer Walzwerk

Sehr geehrte Herren!

Auf Ihre Anfrage hin bestätigen wir Ihnen gerne, dass die von Ihnen gelieferte Spiro-Maschine zu unserer Zufriedenheit arbeitet. Wir verarbeiten auf der Maschine Platal, einen Verbundwerkstoff aus Kunststoff und Eisen, sowie aluminiumplattiertes, verzinktes und blankes Band.

Die Spiro-Maschine verformt dieses Bandmaterial einwandfrei zu Spiro-Röhren. Als besondere Vorteile haben sich die einfache Bedienung der Maschine und die relativ kurzen Umstellzeiten beim Übergang von einem auf einen anderen Rohrdurchmesser erwiesen, wobei nur das leicht transportabele Rohrformwerkzeug gewechselt zu werden braucht. Die hohe Ausstossgeschwindigkeit der Maschine und das Fahren sämtlicher Rohrdurchmesser aus einer Bandbreite und damit ohne ein Wechseln des Bandes ermöglichen es, vielseitige Fertigungsprogramme schnell zu erledigen.

Die von uns eingesetzte Spiro-Maschine arbeitet präzise und störungsfrei.

Trierer Walzwerk sign



Thought you would be interested in the November issue of our Power Plant showing the Spiro Tubeformer.

We are very happy with the performance of this machine and are forming tubes of many sizes and materials.

Pratt sign



Depuis l'année 1960, nous avons successivement commandé à votre Société: une machine SPIRO 600, une machine SPIRO 600S, une machine SPIRO 800C, une machine SPIRO DUCT FORMER, une machine SPIRO 700N.

Nous sommes entièrement satisfaits tant sur le plan de la robustesse, de la capacité de production, de la rapidité d'éxecution, que de la qualité des gaines produites sur ces machines.

Ces différentes raisons vont motiver, de notre part, nous sommes heureux de vous en informer, l'achat d'une nouvelle machine SPIRO 700N que nous sommes demanderons comme à l'accoutamée de nous livrer avec les mêmes soins que ceux ausquels vous nous avez habitués depuis 15 ans.

Nous vous prions d'agréer, Messieurs, l'expression de nos sentiments distingués.

Tubeslest sign


Dear Sirs,

We have now had the latest Spiro machine in production for several months and we have no complaints at all.

The machine is working extremely well and what pleases me most is that the change-over is very small indeed.

Metalsection sign

Carrier Constructions

Dear Sirs,

We would advise, in answer to your recent enquiries in connection with the operation of our Type 403, Spiral Conduit Machine, that we have found the production of the conduit to our satisfaction.

And to-date, the machine has operated very successfully.

Carrier Constructions sign