Spiro Group – Leading Machine Solution Provider for Air Duct Systems

Our business principle is to support the improvement of indoor air quality by providing machines and solutions used to produce economical and environmentally-friendly air duct systems.

Spiro International S.A. is the undisputed World leader in the development and manufacture of machines for the production of air duct systems required in the HVAC and sheet metal industry.

As the inventor of the spiral duct machine - the so-called Tubeformer - we have built a sound reputation in the HVAC and sheet metal industry over the last six decades. With thousands of high-quality sheet metal machines delivered across the globe we have developed a strong relationship with our customers - worldwide. What once started as a Tubeformer manufacturing company has transformed into a fully-fledged organization that encompasses the entire range of round and rectangular ducting equipment, as well as customized solutions for the ventilation industry. Headquartered in Bösingen, Switzerland, Spiro® offers direct access to our competence centre where our machines can be seen in action or inspected prior to shipment, as well as gain insight to our R&D centre. Moreover, with our subsidiaries in North America and Russia plus a global network of sales partner we provide local expertise and underline Spiro®'s global holistic approach. Spiro® stands for state-of-the-art machinery and world class service and support built on long-standing collaboration with our customers. Why? Because:
Your Trust is Our Drive - since 1956.

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