Stitchwelder PRO 2.0 - New Generation!


10 reasons to upgrade your Stitchwelder right now!


Automatic Pressure Setting, No Spring

Set pressure adjustments directly from the program, no manually change needed anymore!

Higher Welding Speed

The new Stitchwelder is now faster than ever. We got the best out of it!

Mercury Free

Complete mercury free welding with +20% lifetime!

Spiro® Control System

Unique and very userfriendly interface. Even the position can be changed individually!

Quicker Adjustment

Do you want to work even more efficiently? Our new Stitchwelder makes it possible! Make quicker adjustments with easy steps on our Spiro® Control System.

Preset Program Lists

Choose between preset sheet materials & thicknesses!

Spiro® Connect

Connect your Computer with the machine. The Spiro® Connect functionality is already prepared!

USB Port

An easy accesable USB port allows you to make a backup of your data!

Two-Step Function

As a benefit we have introduced the two-step function: 1. Hold it, 2. Weld it!

Spiro® Standard Parts

We only use standard components on the machine, so that you profit from a fast spare parts supply!


Gasket solutions

Fittingshaper 1250 & Spiro® Shaper

Combine the Fittingshaper 1250 & Spiro® Shaper to achieve the full dimension range of rubber gasket on your fittings!

Spiro® Silver Package

The ideal package for covering your daily consumable needs! Take advantage of a 25% discount!

Our spare part team will be pleased to submit an offer to you;