Spiro® Silver Package

The ideal package for covering your daily consumable needs! Take advantage of a 25% discount!

Tubeformer 1602 “Winter Special offer“

The world’s most sold Tubeformer has been reinvented!
The prestigious Tubeformer 1602 / 3600 has been widely recognized in the HVAC and sheet metal industry as the spiral duct machine with outstanding quality, reliability, and performance-driven approach.
Now also including the unique Spiro Connect interface, allowing easy setup and communication with your office PC

Enhance your productivity with the renowned 3 coil solution system DCH-3000

The DCH-3000 is a horizontal decoiler boosting the spiral duct production volume thanks to a multiple coil capacity design.

Enhance your productivity with the Spiro® Speed Carrier!

The production performance output can further be optimized with the integration of the Spiro® Speed Carrier through an automation of your workshop process. Find out more about these modular innovative solutions compatible with the Spiro® Tubeformer 1602 or 2020 models.