U-Bracket - The smart way to save time, material, and money


A U-Bracket is the foundation of the corrugation unit that enables the reinforcement of the duct quality and consequently you can save costs by using less material.

Today, Tubeformer operators often only have one corrugation unit. When changing from one diameter to another the whole unit has to be newly set up. In short, the material has to be undone, the unit of the forming head removed, the new forming head added, and the unit reattached.

Once the change-over time is completed, however, you need to find the exact settings of the corrugation unit to guarantee the correct diameter of the duct (i.e. diameter deviations). Even for an experienced operator it takes time to get the same quality accuracy right. Moreover, this testing and readjustment effort also demands a considerable amount of steel scrap until you have reached the same quality level again. Thereby, in the whole process you lose change-over time, adjustment time, and it cannot be concluded without wasting material.

Spiro® suggests overcoming these downsides by equipping the critical forming head sizes with a Spiro® U-bracket unit. You attach them permanently on the forming heads where you usually add the corrugation and thereby prevent an arduous change-over procedure (you only have to remove the corrugation rollers). More importantly, by having the U-brackets permanently positioned on the forming head you no longer need to invest your time in repositioning the corrugation and as a result you save substantially on material cost. In addition, you also create less attrition on the forming head because the threads don't get damaged.

In summary, the return on investment of U-brackets is quickly achieved through a more efficient production flow, consistent quality output, and savings in material costs.