Equipment Care Services - Inspection, Service, Repairs and Upgrades.

Equipment Care Services - Inspection, Service, Repairs and Upgrades.

Spiro International S.A. pursued endeavours to enhance the value for our Spiro® and Spiral-Helix machine users. Our Equipment Care Service encapsulates the inspection, service, and any necessary repairs of your machines.

Moreover, devoted to research, we have created various upgrade solutions on our Tubeformer, Plasmacutter and Stitchwelder models. Discover today the possibilities to increase your production capacity, functionality and improved material savings.

  • »   Safety and accessibility
  • »   Functionality check
  • »   Overall condition inspection
  • »   Scheduled down-time
  • »   Replacement of worn parts
  • »   Thorough documentation of service performed

Training and Support - Take care of the people behind the machines as well!


Spiro® believes that training is an essential part of our valued services. We fully train your employees on how to operate your Spiro® and Spiral-Helix machines as efficiently as possible.

We can also customise training that is not in conjunction with the delivery of your Spiro® equipment - perhaps you have replaced staff or updated your production line? We will be there to share the knowledge you need to get the most from your investments.

  • »   Highest quality training
  • »   Training programs created for operators and/or maintenance personnel
  • »   Overall condition inspection
  • »   Training certificate and diploma
  • »   Training in operating, maintenance and trouble shooting
  • »   Testing following completed training